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Professional athletes need ethics too
Congratulations are in order for the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Congratulations for making it to one of the biggest sporting events in the country. But not everyone going deserves that distinction, least of all a Vince Lombardi trophy and a diamond-encrusted ring. While Ben Roethlisberger may already have two rings from previous wins, he is the antithesis of what a professional athlete should be.

Not everyone counts
The process for counting the number of homeless is loose with the factuality of the numbers - to the point of aiming for inaccuracy. Rather than having the volunteers interact with those they suspect are homeless, the HSA instructs them to observe but not approach, leaving volunteers to assess whether someone is homeless based solely on perspective.

UPAC packed with insufficiency
One million dollars may sound like a lot of money to the individual. But as a savings solution proposed to combat an existing $18 million SF State deficit or the estimated $32 million in additional funding cuts to the University that Gov. Jerry Brown's would create, it is nothing more than lip service.

Life with debt is better than life with no degree
Welcome to another semester at SF State. Only this time, the typical dread of ending the month-long winter holiday and going back to school should be the least of your worries. If you protested rising student fees and the lack...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Board of Supervisors lacks courage
With Gavin Newsom now Lt. Gov.-elect, the city charter states that the board of supervisors chooses the new interim mayor. That was five weeks ago...and counting.

Going under the knife for 15 minutes of fame
Bridalplasty, which debuted Nov. 28, features a group of engaged women competing for a laundry list of surgical procedures.

Social networking host for cyberbullies
Social networking sites and programs like Facebook, Twitter and Skype have opened so many new channels for bullies that people may not even know if their loved ones are or were victims of cyberbullies.

STAFF EDITORIAL: To leak or not to leak
When did Wikileaks become journalism?

Zuckerberg to become king of cyber castle
Facebook is taking another step in its quest for world domination.

Atheist ad-battle Christians in dispute of existence of God
The fight over personal beliefs should not be taken to the streets. December is a month to celebrate a Christian holiday. Apparently, Atheists feel that it's appropriate timing to voice Christian opposition by buying ad space. The American Atheists' ad,...

STAFF EDITORIAL: E.U. angrier than U.S.
What happened to our fight? Our well organized and widespread March 4 Day of Action was impressive indeed, but where have the activists gone? Nothing has changed. If anything, conditions have greatly declined.

AED's just one of many ways to get 'buzzed'
Because alcoholic energy drinks have a tendency to induce binge drinking, alcohol poisoning and blackouts, many have already been banned across the U.S.

How will students be able to afford this shiny new campus?
Should new buildings be a priority when tuition is skyrocketing and faculty and classes are being continually cut?

Joining online 'causes' helpful, but no excuse for real action
With all the hype about online social networks, it's no wonder that popular advocacy groups are taking a beating by being labeled "clicktivists."

STAFF EDITORIAL: College merger plan violates principles of education
During times of financial hardship, businesses must make difficult decisions to stay afloat as long as possible. However, they must also be careful not to recklessly toss aside the attributes most essential to their core values.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Not just a fowl excuse to gorge
This country has a nasty habit of force-feeding other cultures decisions and then standing around expecting joyous congratulations.

Women's right to choose under fire
It is clear that restrictive abortion laws are not only commanding the obedience of women's bodies but also their minds.

Man on Bay Bridge, on mental edge
How would you label someone who drives their SUV with their 15-year old daughter inside and threatens to kill themselves on the Bay Bridge during morning commute?

STAFF EDITORIAL: (In)justice for Grant
Johannes Mehserle was finally sentenced for the New Years Day 2009 execution-style killing of Grant. Was the ruling fair and just? Sadly, no.

Right wing groups trying to sway judges
A number of anti-gay marriage groups spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to successfully oust three Iowa Supreme Court judges for ruling in favor of gay marriage.

Letter to the editor: The benefits of being vegan
Response to "Alternative medicine heals, strengthens immune system."

Giants 'torture' takes away from victory
Seeing the Giants complete their World Series run is something most Bay Area residents will never forget. The community of Giants fans undoubtedly rallied around the team, sparking jubilation when Brian Wilson closed the game out on Monday.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Shady tuition tactics
When does raising the cost of education finally become unacceptable?

Alternative medicine heals, strengthens immune system
Conventional drugs trick the body into feeling temporarily well, while alternatives such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Chinese herbal nutrition heal and strengthen the immune system.

State serves up another round of fee hikes
With the economy in the state that it is, our education system should not be burdened with so much of the budget problems that California is facing.

Giants make and take world series, attracting phony fans
Considering the way the Giants tortured fans all season and made the playoffs in a dramatic fashion, did you, the true fan, follow the instructions of the Journey song and never "stop believing?"

Analyst gets the boot for voicing fear of Islam
Is Islam above criticism at National Public Radio?

STAFF EDITORIAL: Vote like your life depends on it
So think education on Nov. 2. Think about which candidate has your best interests in mind. Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown both claim to prioritize California education on their political agendas. Both promise a whole lot they probably won't deliver.

Swallow fear and regulate legal pot use
Pot is an illegal substance with nearly the availability of cigarettes and California is putting the issue on the ballot for the midterm election.

Decriminilization could hurt economy
Of all the issues on the Nov. 2 ballot, Proposition 19 is perhaps the most compelling. The proposition, it seems, is the next logical step down the state's increasingly progressive path of liberal drug policy. But as Election Day nears,...

Letters to the editor
Letters to editor

STAFF EDITORIAL: Ap-Pathetic students
It may be an election year, but SF State students seem far from engaged in the issues.

Modern youth face increasing challenges
Unfortunately, it's usually the over-indulged youth who end up making the most noise. As a result, they are the ones who become the "voice" of a generation.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Politicos play dirty
[X]press Staff Editorial

Unclear parking rules cause exasperation, poverty
Finding a parking space could sometimes be more of a hassle than convenience.

Legalize pot to have a good time
In a state where marijuana use is already common, the real issue is taxation, a factor that many pot growers oppose, even though it would help boost the state's economy.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Oh note you didn't!
Sharing notes isn't exactly cheating, and selling notes isn't quite the same as selling quizzes or written essays.

Active video games no longer incite mental stimulation
Gaming should not be about how many calories you burn, or how closely it can mimic real life, but rather about how far the brain can be pushed and still have the player immersed in story and puzzle.

Homophobic harassment leads to death
Gay men and women are three times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual men and women.

iPhone, GPS technology opens door to Orwellian society
Is the government crossing the line with the use of tracking and location applications?

STAFF EDITORIAL: Frustrating commute
If you're a student taking public transportation to campus, the commute could be more frustrating than convenient.

High fructose corn syrup gets a PR makeover
High-Fructose Corn Syrup has gotten a bad rap because it is largely believed to be the culprit behind the obesity epidemic in the United States.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Supes over-regulate
With a 7-3 vote Tuesday, the board of supervisors imposed a ban on selling tobacco in grocery stores that also house pharmacies, such as Safeway and Costco.

Girl Scouts sure to be sugar coating pro-abortion feminism
Hans Zeiger, a candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives, wrote on a conservative website that "the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and they have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps."

Un-American law silences gay soldiers
When the word 'military' comes to mind, so does homogeny. From the impeccable matching uniforms to synchronized marching, service members relinquish their identity to become a standardized representation of their country's strength and courage. Whether it be haircuts or names,...


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